How to feel calm in a stressful situation (1)

How to feel calm in a stressful situation (1)

Having stressful feelings is actually normal to a certain degree. However, if you feel overwhelmed by the stress, and the stress is wearing you down, you need to do something about it. Dr. Hannah Hershoff thinks your Water energy may be too low according to 5-element holistic healing philosophy.

You may want to try out two simple holistic healing solutions:

1. Bring more Water energy to you.

2. Unblock the flow of Water energy in you.

Solution #1: Bring more Water energy to you

Daily walking on the beach or looking at a wide-open field can bring Water energy to you . If you don’t have the daily access to the beach or wide-open field, wearing Water energy jewelry may consistently bring Water energy to you.

“Some people wearing Sara Yo Water energy jewelry can enhance their Water energy levels and feel calm right away,”said Dr. Hannah, “However, some people don’t feel anything even if they are surrounded by Water energy. There might be  blockage that prevents the Water energy flow to them.”

Solution #2:  Unblock the flow of Water energy in you.

Dr. Hannah introduces her 5-element self massage method to help you unblock the Water energy. The self massage is simple, easy and you can do it at home.

Dr. Hannah suggests that massage of three acupuncture points on your left foot can help unblock the energy flow. There are three acupuncture points:

1) Rush point (Chinese name: Tai Chong point)

2) Great urge point (Chinese name: Da Dun point)

3) Three yin cross point (Chinese name: Shan Yin Jiao point)

How to identify the acupuncture points?

Dr. Hannah presents simple ways to identify the acupuncture points in her weekly 5-element healing video. Follow her guide and try the easy self healing massage at home.

Click here to view Dr. Hannah’s Five-element healing video: how to use Water energy to easy your mind.










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