Earth Energy

Earth energy connects you to loved ones. Earth energy is the energy of rootedness and solidity. The earth element is nurturing and supporting while bringing harmony into our life. In Chinese thought, Earth is associated with the qualities of compassion, practicality, and stability. Earth energy gives us the power to find our boundaries and help us to connect with our loved ones.

Earth energy brings us:
1. Love
2. Harmony
3. Connection
4. Mood stability
5. Boundary

Sara Yo Earth Energy Story

- from the article The Sara Yo Healing Story published in Natural Awakening Magazine 

    It has been a trying time for Susan since her mom passed away. Her mom was her best friend and had been by her side for 40 plus years. Her family was worried that Susan may hurt herself after experiencing the loss of her mother. Susan’s feelings of loneliness and anxiety are common reactions, not only to the passing of a loved one, but also to a break up of a close relationship. It is in these life-changing moments that people are in desperate need of wellness care.
     “I really need something to help me get over the most difficult time in my life but I don’t like to take medication of any kind,” stated Susan. With her family’s help, she received a rare type of healing bracelet, with healing powers recently discovered by Dr. Hannah Hershoff. After a few weeks of wearing her bracelet, she was surprised by her feelings. “One day I was watching TV and felt my mom holding me tight, telling me not to worry and that everything was going to be alright. This bracelet has really helped me!” Interestingly, Susan is not alone, as many others who wear similar pieces share her feelings.  
     How can a piece of jewelry help people feel so much better? “I have been asking this question for quite a while,” said Dr. Hershoff.  “The facts I learned from healing stories of countless individuals really amazed me!” Dr. Hershoff, M.D. and Ph.D., possesses over 25 years experience in medical practice along with research training from Harvard Medical School. “After conducting extensive research on natural healing, I learned that Five-Element Energy brought by Sara Yo healing stones might play a role in helping people overcome challenging emotional issues.”
     Five-Element Energy of Fire, Water, Earth, Wood and Metal are natural elements from the universe and are understood to be the five aggregates that comprised the world. These elements have been used in Chinese traditional medicine for thousands of years. Energy from the five elements embraces the energetic matrix of the universe, and it is said to flow together within us to bring harmony and balance. “Earth energy in particular, helps people connect to each other, establish boundaries, improve relationships and find love in their lives,” Dr. Hershoff explained.
     “I am convinced of this spiritual healing power,” Dr. Hershoff said after she left her medical career to create Sara Yo Spirit Jewels. “as each day I hear more and more stories about how natural healing energy helps so many people.”

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