Fire Energy

High fire energy makes you a go-getter! Fire energy is the energy of heat and it is Yang in nature. It is the energy of motivation, enthusiasm, and activity. It is thriving and potent but can be destructive. It is a strong, dominant element that must be used only when you really need this powerful energy.

Fire energy brings us:
1. Ambition
2. Enthusiasm
3. Motivation
4. Action
5. Confidence

Do you need Fire energy? Test your five-element energy levels

Sara Yo Fire Energy Story

- from the true story published in the article Elemental Fashion of Natural Awakening Magazine

    At the age of 19, Julie is already an experienced professional fashion model, once scouted by Victoria’s Secret. Her schedule is exhausting. In addition to daily training and workouts, she models for a variety of fashion companies. Most of the time, however, she feels overwhelmed and secretly wishes for a single day where she could just sleep without having to do anything.
     One day at a photo shoot, Julie is given a choice as to how she would like to receive compensation for her modeling work. She could be paid in cash, or she could receive an equivalent assortment of product at the wholesale price. Her mother, Julie’s agent, encourages her to take the product, Sara Yo Spirit Jewels. Julie’s mom based her suggestion on what she had heard about their potential
to boost a person’s energy level. Julie was initially doubtful, but eventually she and two other models all choose to receive the jewelry as compensation. After some time wearing a piece with a heart-shaped stone, Julie notices she does not feel as tired as she had prior to wearing the jewelry.
     The stones used in Sara Yo Spirit Jewels were discovered and named by Dr. Hannah Hershoff, MD and Ph.D., in a remote area near her hometown in southeast China. “These stones are made from the mineral Jingdezhen Kaolin, formed over millions of years ago. Jingdezhen Kaolin mines have a long history and were reserved for royalty 2000 years ago,” says Dr. Hershoff.
     After extensive research, Dr. Hershoff learned it is believed that the Kaolin adsorbed rich spiritual energy from the universe over a long period. In addition, the unique process used in the creation of Sara Yo stones is based on a Chinese ancestral method involving local water, pine trees and special kilns, each contributing to what is called Five-Element energy.
     The five elements concept has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years to help people overcome illness and emotional issues. The elements fire, wood, earth, metal and water are thought to be the five core building blocks that comprised the creation of the earth. It is further believed that energy from these elements embraces and combines with the energetic matrix of the universe that then flows within each person to restore harmony and balance. “The heart-shaped Sara Yo stones predominantly bring fire energy, which is Yang in nature,” Dr. Hershoff says. “It is a strong, dominant element that fuels ambition, motivation and the ability to take action. Many women, like Julie, feel more motivated and enthusiastic after wearing these pieces. They turn into go-getters.”

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