Test Results: Low Fire Energy

Sara Yo Five-Element Energy Test - Low Fire Energy

Your Fire energy level from a scale of 0-10 is 1.7 and is at a low level.

The Fire energy in you makes you a warm-hearted person. You believe the best things in life are free with wealth defined by love, family and freedom. You take great pleasure in offering your love to your family and friends. However, your Fire energy is at a low level. Due to missing a large amount of Fire energy, you seem to get tired easily. You are overwhelmed and often feel something stops you from moving. You allow things to pile up, and as a result, you feel guilty and stressful. Sometimes, you are hurting, uninspired and afraid while not knowing how to get past these feelings. You may try something new only to spin your wheels once again. As a matter of fact, you are living your life on "press repeat" and feel each day is the same as the ones before. The things you really enjoy have nothing to do with your career and can't bring meaning into your life. Frequently, you question your ability to be successful. At times, you feel a loss of control in your life and frustrated in your belief that no matter what you do, nothing works.

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