Test Results: Low Metal Energy

Your Metal energy level from a scale of 0 to 10 is 0.8 and is at a low level.

The Metal energy in you makes you want to adjust, create or change your habits. However, your Metal energy is not at a high level. Due to missing a large amount of Metal energy, you tend to lack strong willpower and struggle with self-control. You often like to make decisions that will make you feel good right now because feeling good in the present is more urgent. As a result, you can make ineffective decisions based on your immediate desires. You constantly tell yourself how horrible something is for you but end up doing it anyway. You have a hard time breaking bad habits. The low level of Metal energy in you also leads to a lack of persistence. Frequently, when you don’t see immediate results, you tend to give up easily. You don't necessarily give up because it's too hard, but because you didn't get it right away or you think it takes too much effort. At times, when things are getting too difficult, your brain just shuts down and your frustration makes you stop trying. Sometimes, you have the intention to commit to a particular action, but you have a hard time overcoming your inner doubts of being able to follow through. As a result, you often fail to stick to your schedule.

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