Test Results: Low Wood Energy

Sara Yo Five-Element Energy Test - Medium-low Wood Energy 

Your Wood energy level from a scale of 0 to 10 is 0.9 and is at a low level.

The level of Wood energy in you helps you understand your own needs and failings. You are open to the process of growth to become a better person. You focus your effort on doing what you can to improve your life. However, due to missing a large amount of Wood energy, you fail to have big dreams in your life, and you have no idea of where your future stands. You become bored very easily. You may have a hard time finding anything that really excites you. You know you enjoy many things, but you would not call yourself passionate about any of them. You want to find something that you're passionate about, but that is where you get stumped. You can't find peace of mind and often feel sad and stressed out. At times, you tend to worry about your future and what might happen to your loved ones.

Countless people just like you are lacking high Wood energy and struggle in the area of feeling excited about the future. This inability to see a bright future contributes greatly to less satisfaction in their lives.

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