Test Results: Medium Fire Energy

Your Fire energy level from a scale of 0 to 10 is 4.6 and is at a medium level.

Your Fire energy makes you a hard working and active person, enables you to look at the bright side of life, and gives you the courage to experience adventures. You want a better life and work hard trying to improve your results. However, your Fire energy is not at a high level. Due to missing a certain amount of Fire energy, you tend to procrastinate and you have a hard time managing your time. You may attempt to self-motivate but usually fail to get moving without pressure. As a result of lacking a high level of fire energy, you often have a great deal of internal stress, and you feel frustrated and overwhelmed. You are not a risk taker. You usually hesitate to make decisions and judgments without detailed information. Too many choices can make you feel confused and get stuck. To be your own boss is nice, but it requires too much responsibility and is too risky. Although you are motivated to do things that are meaningful, your motivation is predominately intrinsic. It means that you enjoy having fun, but you often do not have the competitive drive to achieve the success and financial freedom you deserve.

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