Test Results: Medium-Low Earth Energy

Sara Yo Five-Element Energy Test - Medium-low Wood Energy 

Your Earth energy level from a scale of 0 to 10 is 3.6 and is at a medium-low level.

The medium-low level of Earth energy in you allows you to consistently give your love, show your respect and have an ability to understand the needs of others. You are merciful and forgiving. You tend to get along with gentle people like you, who are always thinking about other people’s needs and priorities. Unfortunately, your earth energy is not at a high level. Due to missing a significant amount of earth energy, you cannot manage your anger at peak performance. Although you are not an angry person, you tend to keep your anger inside. And, you have a hard time setting and sustaining your boundaries. It is hard for you to ask for what you need, and it’s hard for you to say no. At times, you struggle to stand up for yourself. You avoid unpleasant consequences by bending to the needs of others. As a result, you can be very frustrated at work or home. And, your people-pleasing efforts don’t bring you the right relationship and intimacy you need. You may also let unresolved emotional issues build up, and your accumulated frustrations may have a negative impact on your physical health.

Countless individuals just like you lack high Earth energy and struggle in the area of setting boundaries with associates, friends and most importantly, family. This inability to say "NO" and stand up for their beliefs contribute significantly to less than satisfying relationships with others and with themselves.

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