Test Results: Medium Wood Energy

Sara Yo Five-Element Energy Test - Medium Wood Energy 

Your Wood energy level from a scale of 0 to 10 is 5.8 and is at a medium level.

The medium level of Wood energy in you enables you to overcome past pain and move forward with your life. You know the only good time to look at the past is to see how far you have come. You focus your effort on doing what you can every single day to improve your life. This level of Wood energy helps you control most of what happens in your daily activities. However, due to missing a large amount of Wood energy, you don't exactly know what you want and fail to have solid long-term plans in your life. When you are at work, you are struggling to find a career that engages your passion. You have some interests. However, none of your interests rise to a high level of passion, as they aren't things you want to commit your life to. At times, you get the nagging feeling that you are not living life to your full potential. You may struggle to maintain your mental and physical strength at the highest level. When you are retired, you may have a hard time living the pain-free or fulfilling life you so deserve. 

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