Metal Energy

Metal energy is the source of resilience. The qualities associated with metal are toughness and durability. Metal is yin/feminine in character; its energy is discipline and persistence. This element allows us to make the most of our ability and enables us to rise up against the odds.

Sara Yo Metal Energy Is The Source Of Resilience

Metal energy brings us:
1. Resilience
2. Persistence
3. Determination
4. Self-discipline
5. Self-control

Sara Yo Metal Energy Story

     Steve is in his mid-fifties and has struggled with his weight most of his life. He has tried a number of weight loss remedies and experienced constant disappointment in their lack of results.  Steve’s inability to lose weight has a great deal to do with his lack of self-discipline. He has felt defeated by his weight issue and cannot muster the persistence to follow through on a lifestyle change designed to lose weight.  

     Many people have challenges similar to Steve. They struggle with self-discipline and persistence leading to difficulties around getting what they really want in life. According to research, people lack self-discipline for a number of reasons, including a desire for instant gratification. They make decisions based on their immediate desires and give up easily when they do not see immediate results.

     According to the Five –Element energy philosophy, used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine, people who struggle with self-discipline and willpower are considered to have diminished Metal energy. Of the five natural elements of Metal, Wood, Earth, Fire and Water, it is Metal energy that gives us the focus to “stick with it” and be persistent in our quest to achieve our most important goals. 

     The belief is that Metal energy, like ore mined from the mountains, gives us a deep inner strength to persist without exception. When individuals lack high levels of Metal energy, they might not have the will to persevere to conquer challenges in their lives.  In a recent survey, for example, participants were asked about their abilities to make healthy lifestyle changes.  Participants regularly cited lack of willpower as the number 1 reason for not following through with such changes. We are not born with self-discipline and willpower and strive for ways to improve in this area.

     “It is unbelievable! I lost 50 pounds since wearing my Sara Yo bracelet,” said Steve, who came across Sara Yo healing jewels last year. “I am so happy with the weight I have lost so far and I am planning to lose more in a few months by consistently eating better and sticking with my exercise program. I am not going to quit like I always did whenever things got tough.”  

     “Steve must have elevated his metal energy,” said Dr. Hershoff, MD and Ph.D, who recently studied a new way to improve Metal energy. “The Metal energy enables us to be aware of what is most important in life and empowers us to do what we need to do rather than what we want to do.” Dr. Hershoff found that meditating with Sara Yo healing jewelry can potentially help people become more persistent, determined, focused and disciplined.  

     In 2013, Dr. Hershoff accidentally discovered the healing power of Sara Yo healing jewelry comprised of the mineral JDZ kaolin, formed underground millions of years ago near her hometown in southeast China. The stones created from this mineral were infused with and absorbed energy from the five elements during a special burning process using local water, pine trees, and kilns.

     After receiving feedback from a large number of Sara Yo wearers, Dr. Hershoff truly believes in the spiritual healing properties of her stones to help the vast majority of people deal more effectively with their personal issues. As a result, she decided to leave her twenty-five year medical career to create Sara Yo Spirit Jewels. “I am so glad I made this career change, as each day I see more and more people benefit from this natural healing power,” said Dr. Hershoff.

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