Sara Yo Spirit Jewels Bring Five Natural Elements

Where Sara Yo stones come from? What are five natural elements?
The home of Sara Yo stones is located in a mountainous and fertile historic area near Dr. Hannah's hometown in Southeast China.
The Calming Energy 
The area has been known since ancient times as a “land of fish and rice.” The town is filled with calming energy, and the local residents enjoy their simple and peaceful life. 
JDZ Kaolin
The major component of Sara Yo stones is JDZ Kaolin, formed over many millions of years by the hydrothermal decomposition of granite rocks. The local Kaolin has absorbed rich spiritual energy from the universe over the course of millions of years.
The Fire Element
JDZ Kaolin is turned into Sara Yo stones with permanent colors and shapes after a complex process based on an ancient Chinese method involving firing the local kilns.
The Water Element
The creation process of using local water contributes to the extraordinary beauty and smoothness of Sara Yo stones.
The Wood Element
The local pine trees growing in the area contribute to the sparkling shine of Sara Yo stones.
The Metal Element
Dr. Hannah’s design with gold or silver (Metal) contribute to Sara Yo's distinctive beauty.