About Sara Yo Stones

     The home of Sara Yo stones is located in a mountainous and fertile historic area near Dr. Hannah Hershoff's hometown in Southeast China. The area has been known since ancient times as a “land of fish and rice.” The town is filled with calming energy, and the local residents enjoy their simple and peaceful life.

     The major component of Sara Yo stones is JDZ (Jingdezhen) Kaolin, a crystalline mineral (kaolinite) formed over many millions of years by the hydrothermal decomposition of granite rocks. About two thousand years ago Kaolin was first discovered in Gao-Ling Hill, a beautiful village in South East China and the mineral was then named after the hill. It has been shown that Kaolin is rich in spiritual properties. 

     For over a millennium, the unique JDZ Kaolin has enabled Jingdezhen to make high-quality and sophisticated crafts and this mineral made the town famous in Chinese history. In year 1004 during the North Song Dynasty, the Chinese emperor honored his era name Jingde to the town. To exercise the ruling authority across a vast empire, the royal family exclusively owned the arts made by JDZ Kaolin. 

     For thousands of years, the crafts produced in Jingdezhen have been superior than those produced elsewhere in the world. The unique conditions in Jingdezhen including climate, water and local pine trees used to fire the kiln all contribute to the high quality Kaolin crafts. 

     JDZ Kaolin is turned into Sara Yo stones with permanent colors and shapes after a complex process based on an ancient Chinese method involving firing the local kilns to temperatures between 1,200 °C (2,192 °F) and 1,400 °C (2,552 °F) with certain concentrations of oxygen for 36 hours.

    Spiritual energy discovered by individuals after their experience with Sara Yo stones is as follows:

  • Felt calm and relieved after continuously touching the stones when in a stressful situation.
  • Received vibrating positive energy and strength when holding the stones tight in hands.
  • Sensed the circulation in the universe and the connection to loved ones when covered the stones by palm with eyes closed. 
The Calming Energy 
Sara Yo Stones are from the area has been known since ancient times as a “land of fish and rice.” The town is filled with calming energy, and the local residents enjoy their simple and peaceful life. 
JDZ Kaolin
The major component of Sara Yo stones is JDZ Kaolin, formed over many millions of years by the hydrothermal decomposition of granite rocks. The local Kaolin has absorbed rich spiritual energy from the universe over the course of millions of years.

Once Reserved For Chinese Royalty

The amazing Feng Shui made JDZ Kaolin mines highly valuable and the Chinese royal family exclusively reserved the mines two thousand years ago.

The Multi-Million-Dollar Arts

The locally produced vintage arts made by JDZ Kaolin with Chinese ancestral techniques are worth multi-millions of dollars. According to a Chinese official report, JDZ Kaolin mine will be depleted in 20 years due to more than a thousand years of digging. Sara Yo stones will become increasingly rare and valuable.

The Fire Element
JDZ Kaolin is turned into Sara Yo stones with permanent colors and shapes after a complex process based on an ancient Chinese method involving firing the local kilns.
The Water Element
The creation process of using local water contributes to the extraordinary beauty and smoothness of Sara Yo stones.
The Wood Element
The local pine trees growing in the area contribute to the sparkling shine of Sara Yo stones.
The Metal Element
Dr. Hannah’s design with gold or silver (Metal) contribute to Sara Yo's distinctive beauty.
The Discovery of Healing Effects

Supportive Stones

 by Deena Kloss,

Natural awakenings Magazine

     Can a piece of jewelry boost confidence and self-awareness, or even reduce stress? To some people, this may sound strange. For others, it seems doubtful or even impossible. Dr. Hannah Hershoff, a Chinese physician and Harvard-trained research scientist, never believed this to be the case until she started noticing positive feedback from a number of tests in which women were asked to try on Sara Yo jewelry.

     The jewelry pieces are made from a crystalline mineral formed over millions of years. The key element is called kaolin, or China clay, a mineral sourced from a small village in southeast China. The shape, color and shine of each stone is permanently forged after a long process of combining water, wood and fire in a special kiln. “The stones become shinier after contact with skin,” adds Hershoff. “I am very familiar with the mineral, as my father used to be an administration manager of the mines,” says Hershoff. “I remember my father collected a piece of precious ‘Buda’, made from the mineral, to bring luck to our family.” She says she knows the history of the Chinese royal family, who owned the mines thousands of years ago, but she had no prior knowledge about the healing properties. “It was an accidental discovery,” she explains.

     During a phone chat with a cousin who took a trip from China, Hershoff learned the stones make beautiful jewelry. She began making her own jewelry with the stones and gifted items to friends and family. “I was surprised to hear my jewelry had an immediate positive impact on my sister-in-law’s life,” Hershoff says. “She told me that she was much calmer and happier since she started wearing her bracelet. Her ability to handle stress improved, and she even began to find stability in her then rocky marriage.”

     To find out if this was just a coincidence, Hershoff presented her bracelets to six women, ages 16 to 64. She interviewed them after one to two months of wearing the jewelry. “I was so surprised to learn that all six women reported they felt much better when they wore their bracelets,” she notes.  The question Dr. Hershoff asked after seeing the positive results of all six test subjects was, “How can this be?” As a physician and scientist, she intrinsically felt a need to find scientific evidence to explain the results. The feedback she received from her tests prompted her to further study kaolin to learn about its chemical composition. Though she discovered several quotes about powerful spiritual healing qualities, including “Kaolin can give strength and help deal with karmic issues...,” she had yet to find scientific answers.

     “I don’t know if any compounds from the mineral or from other components of the bracelet have caused a direct effect,” says Hershoff. “I could not find any scientific evidence to give either a positive or negative answer.” With 25 years experience in medical practice and research, she has not only gained extensive knowledge in medical science, but also developed in-depth comprehension of how positive thinking relates to the acceleration of the physical healing process. “I don’t exclude the possibility that the amazing effects on the women tested might come from their spiritual connections with the jewelry,” she said. “When people think positively, their bodies and mood react correspondingly.”

     Next, Dr. Hershoff gifted or sold her bracelets to additional women with various levels of spirituality. More and more women reported they gained confidence, improved their self-image, sensed more connections to loved ones, and experienced a reduction in anxiety. “I feel everything is going to be alright when I put on my bracelet,” said “Ruth,” a test subject who wore the jewelry for a full year. “I recently lost my bracelet, and that’s when I realized how much I was connected to the piece. Without the bracelet, I felt unbalanced,” said Jennifer, who bought her first Sara Yo bracelet after the death of her sister.

     “I never believed this kind of stuff,” Hershoff husband Randy says. “But each day, more and more women told us how good they felt when wearing their bracelets. I began to think that something was definitely going on here.” Randy continues, “Not every woman felt the spiritual effects of the jewelry. Roughly one out of four women did not feel any different when wearing a bracelet, but those women still appreciated the unique beauty of the pieces.”

     A year later, Dr. Hershoff and her husband started a company called Sara Yo Healing Fashions. They named their Kaolin-comprised pieces Sara Yo stones. Hannah switched careers, from medical doctor to business owner and jewelry designer.

     Today, the company provides over 400 jewelry designs and Dr. Hershoff exclusively designs each one. In addition to jewelry, the company also provides to their customers a complementary weekly “Five Element” healing program based on Taoist philosophy. Hershoff says, “I am so glad I have made this career change decision, as each day I learn more about how Sara Yo helps women physically and emotionally. I am so fortunate to do something I am extremely passionate about rather than something I feel I have to do.” 


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Sara Yo Spirit Jewels - The Perfect Holiday Gift, Now Found at Ocean State Jewelers

Johnston Sun Rise Newspaper

     As you pause this Mother’s Day to remember the influential women in your life, consider giving the gift of the beautiful, one-of-a-kind and hand-crafted jewelry of Dr. Hannah Hershoff.  This jewelry, though not comparable to the worth of a loving mother, has a brilliance and “life” that sets it apart from any other.  It is not only visually breath-taking, but it also has healing properties that make it so much more than just a casual token of love.

     Dr. Hershoff, the designer and creator of this rare and original jewelry, uses stones which were formed from a mineral that was extracted from a mine in southeast China.  She intermingles these stones with Swarowski crystals and delicate charms. Her jewelry defies description ~ her detailed work must simply be seen to be believed.

     Dr. Hershoff was actually a successful eye surgeon who left her lifetime work to follow a passion for creating this unique jewelry.  She had discovered, quite by chance, that the stones she had used to make a bracelet for a family member yielded some unexplainable and unexpected side effects. These welcome side effects included an uplift in spirits, a boost in morale and motivation, and even a feeling of serenity ~ all things that are often elusive for today’s modern mothers! What better gift can one receive than feelings of this kind of restoration?

     Many of those who wear this handmade, custom-designed jewelry have reported to Hannah stories of these improved moods and calm feelings.  While Hannah cannot empirically prove or explain these side effects, the testimonials of those who wear her necklaces, earrings and bracelets have been enough to inspire her to continue creating ~ and now to sell ~ these eye-catching pieces of art. Customers of Dr. Hershoff’s jewelry will also receive a complimentary 7-week “Five Elements Healing Program,” based on the five energy elements of fire, water, wood, earth and metal which combine to form these unusual stones. This “healing program” takes your Mother’s Day gift to a whole new level of love, affection, gratitude and peace.

     Residents of Johnston and surrounding towns will not have to travel far to see and purchase this special jewelry.  Hannah’s pieces are sold under the name “Sara Yo Spirit Jewels,” (so named after a beloved family relative) right here in Johnston at Ocean State Jewelers on 1395 Atwood Avenue.  

     Ocean State Jewelers is a long-standing, family-run jewelry store that has been serving customers for generations and is well-known for the quality of their jewelry and the personal touch of their service.  Come visit this store in a quiet plaza off busy Atwood Avenue.

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Sara Yo Spirit Jewels Get Attention From Hollywood!

     Just one month after first generation Sara Yo bracelets were born, their beauty and spiritual energy attracted attention from Hollywood. The energy certainly flowed to A-list stars in Hollywood, as they requested Sara Yo healing bracelets, Sara Yo heart shaped bracelets. According to a spiritual healer and teacher, Sara Yo heart shaped healing stones bring vibrational energy, an increase in motivation level and improved work performance.