Why Name Sara Yo?

Dr. Hannah and her husband Randy spent weeks brainstorming trademark names for capturing the essence of our company and came across all sorts of roadblocks along the way.  Then, suddenly a name came to mind with such significance and spiritual energy that they knew their search was over.  The brand name…”Sara Yo.” No other name could possibly identify their brand more fundamentally than Sara Yo, demonstrating exoticness, elegance and more importantly heartfelt meaning to us.

Sara Yo is derived from Sara Yonis, the name of Randy's late aunt, who had been a great giver and helper throughout her entire life. Sara had a special gift for making each individual feel like the most important person in the world.  When in Sara’s presence, we couldn’t help but feel calm, confident, hopeful and truly cared for.  "We are so thankful for the luxury of having Aunt Sara in our lives and we strive to live by her example. The inspiration from our dear Aunt Sara has led us to the mission of Sara Yo…to help others bring strength, support and serenity into their lives each and every day.", said Dr. Hannah

Sara Yonis passed away at the age of 84 in 2010. Her energy remains forever!

Sara (middle) met Dr. Hannah's family (left, Dr. Hannah's aunt; right, Hannah's sister).

Sara gifted sunglasses to everybody (from left, Dr. Hannah's sister, Hannah's aunt, Sara, Hannah's mom and dad.).

Sara (left) was excited about her silk scarf, the gift from Dr. Hannah's mom (right).

The love between Sara and Dr. Hannah's parents.

Amazing communication between Sara (left) and Dr. Hannah's mom (right) without understanding each other's language.