Wood Energy

Wood energy helps you stop worrying and achieve success. Wood energy is the energy that consistently guides and supports trees to expand and grow tall. It is yang/masculine in character. This element enables us to know what we want in life and helps us grow. With the power of Wood energy, worries diminish, hope and joy enter into our lives.

Wood energy brings us:
1. Hope
2. Joy
3. Optimism
4. Fulfillment
5. Contentment

Sara Yo Wood Energy Story

- from the article Strengthen Your Wood Energy For A Fulfilling Life published in Natural Awakening Magazine 

When Sandra, in her forties, wakes up in the morning she feels a little sad and empty. “Another same old day,” she says to herself. As the day goes by her sadness diminishes, however her feeling of boredom remains. Her job is not exciting anymore and her life feels like a TV show rerun with the same old story playing day in and day out.

Countless people feel the same as Sandra. They are bored and feel a lack of meaning or purpose in life. According to research, boredom is a very common phenomenon in modern societies in developed countries, where providing people with more than enough material items and conveniences is commonplace. However, some people still have fulfilling lives in this environment. Apparently, modern societies and environments rich in entitlement do not necessarily spur boredom in everyone.

According to Five-Element energy philosophy used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine, profoundly bored individuals are likely to be low energy people. In particular, their Wood energy is more likely to be at a low level. Wood energy is one of the five natural elements consisting of Fire, Water, Wood, Earth, and Metal.

Wood energy in plants consistently guides and supports trees to expand and grow tall. This element in humans enables us to know what we want in life, gain awareness of our life path and feel hopeful and joyful. When individuals lack high levels of Wood energy, they don’t have clear vision or goals in their lives. They often believe life is hopeless, and as a result, feel bored, lonely, and anxious.

Some people are lucky to be born with high Wood energy. Even at a young age, they knew exactly what they wanted in life. They were able to focus their energy on achieving their goals while their young counterparts were focused on playing games. Their natural high Wood energy helps them live life with purpose and ultimately achieve greater satisfaction. However, in the absence of luck being granted to us by the birth lottery, we still have ways to elevate our Wood energy levels. For example, mindfulness meditation, yoga, and fast paced walks in the woods may be helpful in enhancing our Wood energy.

Dr. Hannah Hershoff, M.D. and Ph.D., recently studied a new way to improve Wood energy. She found that meditating with Sara Yo healing jewelry could create a hopeful feeling and reduce boredom. In 2013, Dr. Hershoff accidentally discovered the healing power of Sara Yo healing jewelry comprised of the mineral, JDZ kaolin, formed underground millions of years ago near her hometown in Southeast China. The stones created from this mineral absorbed five-element energy during the special burning process using local water, pine trees, and kilns.

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