Sara Yo jewelry,  healing jewelry, spiritual protection, round shaped healing stone, gold earrings
Sara Yo jewelry,  healing jewelry, spiritual protection, round shaped healing stone, gold earrings
Sara Yo jewelry,  healing jewelry, spiritual protection, round shaped healing stone, gold earrings

Blue Angel Protection Earrings (Item #850)

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Made from blue sphere-shaped Sara Yo stones. The randomly formed patterns of white fluffy clouds of each stone make these earrings a spiritual treasure. Handcrafted in our workshop in Rhode Island from 18-karat gold over sterling silver circle wires, and are strung with small Swarovski crystals that subtly glisten in the light. The lightweight earrings move softly with every step in Sara Yo's unique style. 

Total length measures 2 1/8”. 

About Sara Yo Stones:

  • Made from mineral, JDZ Kaolin formed over millions of years
  • The mineral served Chinese royalty over several dynasties
  • Become shinier the longer you wear them 
  • Bring five Chinese Tao healing elements 
  • Each stone is one of a kind, therefore may slightly differ from that pictured

    The Spiritual Energy: The design with sphere-shaped healing stones releases solid, positive energy consistently from all directions and provides space around you for protection - read by Denise Kinch, author, and spiritual healer 

    Our elegant signature packaging will impress. 

    Packaging Includes:

    • User guide - gives you guidance on how to use Sara Yo Spirit Jewels to improve your life
    • Unique high-end jewelry box - one of a kind silk box
    • Anti-tarnish silver polishing cloth
    • Warranty card: One year warranty

    One week after you purchase Sara Yo healing jewelry, the Sara Yo healing team will begin to provide you the routine healing service. We will send you the weekly healing message every Monday to guide you on how to use your bracelet for healing purposes. After a period, we may ask your feedback, which can navigate our service to support your different needs.  

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    Dr. Hannah and her team interviewed Sara Yo wearers after wearing Sara Yo healing jewelry. Watch what they have to say...

    "I felt strong energy right away..." - An interview with a shopper

    "I don't feel stressed anymore..." - An interview with Dawn

    "I feel a sense of relief and peace..." - An interview with Pam

    "I know things are going to turn out right..." - An interview with Ruth

    “My anxiety was gone…” - An interview with Kathy

    "I am happier and feel more confident..." - An interview with Maddie and her mom

    "I feel my mom is with me after she passed away..." - An interview with Susan

    “Kayla's discovery of Sara Yo healing energy…” - An interview with Kayla

    “I got more energy and lost weight…” - An interview with Steve

    “Joe and his wife's appreciation…” - A phone message

    Joe and his wife called to say they were appreciative as Sara Yo jewelry helped Joe's wife gain strength to fight against her illness.

    “I bought my fifth piece of Sara Yo today…” - An interview with Debbie

    “Maddie's connection to her Sara Yo…” - An interview with Maddie and her mom

    “Dawn's explanation of choosing her bracelet…” - An interview with Dawn